Securities law "exemptions". A license to steal?

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Securities law "exemptions". A license to steal?

Postby admin » Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:39 am

while researching a story in Saskatoon I have found myself pointed to a number of legal "passports" being handed out by our trusted securities commissions.

I find that they grant exemptions to the law almost daily, to allow investment firms to operate more "easily".
I also find a relationship with the industry of an almost incestuous nature, when compared to the way that securities commissions treat abused investors or the public interest.

If you would care to look for yourself how easy and how many "passports" around the law that are granted to members of the investment industry go to the OSC web site, at and look under the heading "orders, ruings and decisions", then click on any year and any letter of the alphabet to find out how many things have gone on that the public may not know of.

I would have to say that they harm clients by a factor that outnumber decisions that help clients by one thousand to one.
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