Regulator Handmaidens as Comedy?

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Regulator Handmaidens as Comedy?

Postby admin » Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:09 am

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I was pondering the puzzle of the ‘public deception game’ played by the OSC in their latest “get Smarter about money” video. The one where they tell people to check their registration and yet fail to reveal the hidden tricks involved…(tricks like finding out HOW a person is registered (are they a doctor or a nurse, for example) is far more important than telling people to check IF registered whilst not telling them what they are registered as)

To my mind it is the epitome of ‘unskilled’ regulatory behavior and perhaps indicative of a captured, handmaid regulator.

I find it a challenge to “spot” the flaw, understand it, and be able to turn it from a negative into a positive, and by positive I mean, “how can we use their “design flaws” to improve Canadians lives, financially?”

I really like this last video where they waste 1 min and 49 seconds of anyones time, whilst providing nothing but protection for themselves and for the industry, while doing harm (deception) to Canadians.

Below are three or four proposed messages that I began drafting, in order to try and whittle the issue down, shorter and more concise each time, until it is something that the average Joe public, or member of parliament would look at and “get it” instantly.

It is a 'Rick Mercer rant' kind of an opportunity Deb, and I would like to know if you have any thoughts on how to make it cut through all the industry bullshit…here the drafts I wrote so far:

#1 PONDER THIS PUZZLE…..1 min 49 seconds of your life that you will NEVER get back...but if you take the time to view it, you might discover what paying millions and millions of dollars to securities regulators will buy you. Regulator capture when the #Ontario #Government is actually #hiding the true license/registration behind a facade of being registered…YES they are registered… salespersons (the hidden part) ... ou-invest/

#2 Handmaids Tale…
In a game of cat and mouse, the #OSC Ontario Securities Commission and 12 others in Canada play their handmaid role well. Endlessly telling the public to check the registration of the 120,000 “advisors” in Canada…while hiding from them the true registration category of so called “advisors”…hmm. #FINRA plays same cat and mouse game to farm 100 million #Americans ... ou-invest/

#3 The irony of the #OSC “GET SMARTER ABOUT MONEY” campaign is how they work against the public being able to get smarter about money…they hide the exact registration category of tens of thousands of so called “advisors” so #investors won’t know they dealing with commission salespersons…handmaidens, hand paid and hand picked by banks ... ou-invest/

#4 Imagine living in a world where government regulators are paid to pretend to protect you, while wasting your time and your money by hiding from you the most essential lies that harm you. This 2 minute #OSC video well illustrates the concept of regulators as industry handmaidens. Telling #investors to check their advisors registration whilst hiding the facts and the actual registration itself. Millions of dollars are paid to this regulator, and yet the joke is on #investors… ... ou-invest/
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