Tricks of the Trade. Sales tricks, investment abuses.

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Tricks of the Trade. Sales tricks, investment abuses.

Postby admin » Sun Jun 19, 2005 6:18 pm

the post has had recent articles on this topic. I have complained of it for years. Industry speaks against it but secretly finds the increased commissions addicting if they can do it in secret.

Glad to see it coming out into the open.

It involves any of the myriad of ways to add fee upon fee, or fee upon commission, and vice versa. It happens every day and earns the coveted "vice president" title to many sales types I have seen.

Advisor fees added to commissions already paid. Commissions paid by clients to move to firms proprietary products. New issue commissions paid into account where the client is already paying an annual advisor fee.

Anything that adds an additional fee to the client, without a corresponding advantage, is likely a form of double dipping to benefit the advisor. Unfortunately, it is still hidden enough to allow it to go on.
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