OCCUPY WALL STREET, then prosecute the perps

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Postby admin » Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:40 am

(Personally, I think democracy would be better served if it were normal to JAIL politicians who succumb to serving corporations in exchange for money or other "favours")

If I could take another stab at making a short, concise summary of what one man's concerns are they would look like this:

It seems today that there are three major "parties" in a society relationship. First and foremost are "THE PEOPLE" who make up 99% of the society. Second to the people would be the assigned and elected "GOVERNMENT", which is sworn to protect and serve the 99%. Third in the relationship is something called "CORPORATIONS" where a greater and greater share of the wealth is concentrated. They exist to serve themselves and their own interests and they could be recognized to have different objectives than the people at times.

What strikes me as an abuse of power, is what appears to be a failure of government to work on behalf of the people, but rather they appear to have been purchased or loyalties captured by the wealth and the interests of the corporate world. Thus government has turned treasonous or against the public interest in favour of self interests.

They have become closer aligned to the money that corporations can spread around, than they are to the oath of office they swore, to the public interest they are charged with serving.


In addition, media, courts, prosecutors, police, investigators, regulators etc al, have also become "HANDMAIDENS" to the money interests and thus have also served the interests of corporations over the interests of the people.

POWER and MONEY working together to enslave and abuse the people without power and money.
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Postby admin » Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:18 pm

So now that I am on a roll, some specific action steps to get this party started:

1. sue anyone who damages you
2. help to sue someone who damages someone else or the environment
3. do class action suits if your funds cannot afford your own action
4. do small claims actions if you cannot do the above
5. do one thousand small claims actions if you have common support, common cause
6. march in the streets if most of the above is not available to you
7. march until you are given the benefit and the protection of a safe and honest government, justice system, protection from harm of all kinds.
8. file private criminal charges against corrupt actions, persons, politicians etc
9. charge police even with damages or assault if they interfere with your peaceful right to protest

nobody said your freedom would be your right..........I seem to recall older folks saying that freedom has to be fought for, against those people who would steal it from you and enslave you........my generation has not yet had to fight for a damn thing, perhaps it is our time.

Sure this is pie in the sky, but if you are never willing to hold power accountable, then who will? When will they?

Do it and do not accept anything less than full accountability from your public servants. Full honesty. Full transparency. Anything less is against the law and against the oath of office.
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Postby admin » Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:11 pm

Not that my own views hold much sway, but in this OCCUPY movement, EVERYONE'S views count.

Me, I have some experience in corporate corruption, crime, cronyism and how this corruption has entered into and tainted our political process. Bought our politicians. Stolen our economy. Stolen your future.

So I hope to see a world where capitalism flourishes, but with one small addition. Capitalism 2.0 will contain a full dose of "responsibility and accountability" added in. FREEDOM to make as much money as your greedy little hands can make.........but with this freedom, comes the responsibility to be fully accountable for your damage to any living thing, and to the planet. Simple.

You want to screw someone. You pay. No pay, No screw.

Want to destroy the planet. You pay. No pay. No destroy. Jail and confiscation of your wealth will result.

Sell out the public interest, if you are a public servant. Jail.

Bribe a politician. Jail.

Lobby and pay a politician for loyalty points. Jail.

Leave your money out of our governance. Or go to jail.

I call it the industry of accountability and it will employ millions of police, special prosecutors, investigators, forensic accountants, lawyers, EVERYONE, to seek out, find and jail those who try to screw their way to the top of the economic or power food chain.

Start a war with another country. Jail.

I can see this entire industry of accountability being funded fully by proceeds of crime legislation. Confiscate the wealth of criminals. All of it. Just like we do with a drug dealer.

Rewards for whistleblowers. Instead of punishment. Make it possible to earn a million dollars for turning in a billion dollar corporate or political fraudster. Again, all paid for by proceeds of the crime.

A world where instead of "the greatest rewards go to the most ruthless among us", it might become a world where "the greatest rewards go to the greatest servants among us".

That is my story and I am sticking to it.

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OCCUPY WALL STREET, then prosecute the perps

Postby admin » Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:01 pm

One man’s view of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

I was interested to hear a CBC news anchor today asking “what are the demands” and “who are the leaders” of the occupy movement.

The young lady (on wall street) interviewed on CBC did a remarkable job speaking. I cannot remember what she said specifically but she made some points that really got me thinking.

So here goes: I will soon be part of the “occupy” movement, and I will do so because it appears to be a movement designed to “listen” to the 99 percent of the population who are not usually listened to.

We are used to the top 1 percent in the form of wealthy corporations and politicians collaborating together to do what is in the better interests of the top 1 percent. Not the 99 percent.

It has become a world where “special interests” can buy politicians and do a pretty decent job or ruining the economy, ruining other countries, ruining your retirement savings, and ruining our democracy. They can make a darn good profit while doing so.

I call this bribery, cronyism and corruption and I hope our politicians (and their briber’s) will someday go to jail, but that is another story.

For now, the movement appears to be the very first time in my lifetime, where common people have come together to “share” their concerns. To test out their voices.

Even if we all came together with a different message (as we so often do), this is the first time I have ever seen us really come together, despite having different messages.

This is the public market, deciding what the public message will be. What is important to our society and what is not. It is not a private party where G8 leaders decide what is important and arrest everyone with a different idea. This is where the ideas are.

The private fences our leaders put up is where the secret dealings happen. Where power concentrates to gain more money and power.

Here is your chance. Perhaps your one chance in 50 to 100 years. It is here. It is now. Your chance to March with the 99% of the country, or the world, and tell our leaders that we are no longer interested in their power. WE ARE THEIR POWER. They lead because of us.

We are now deciding how we will accept their service going forward. We are now deciding how we may punish them going forward, for each time we catch them selling out the interests of the 99%. Some will call for jail. I even heard one source asking for the death penalty. Not my decision. It will be the decision that rises from the crowd of the 99% who stand and occupy. No one man or woman will decide the message, but rather the masses will decide what the message or messages will be.
No corporation will buy the message. No politician will sell out the public with his message. It will be a mass public experiment in asking millions of people, “what is wrong”? And listening to them speak, March, vent.

I applaud the first grassroots grasp on power, on destroying power, not in a violent way, but in a simple, “thank you, you have done quite enough for us” kind of way.

Join in and help destroy corrupt and inept power. Destroy the financial and political power that is stealing your freedoms, your financial health, and your children’s future. Join a movement that does not even care enough about power to have a leader. One will surely rise, but it will not be purchased. It will be the right one to represent the 99% of humanity.

When it happens please stand behind it. Please stand up for destroying drunken power people, and money addicted psychopaths. Empower humanity, freedom and honesty.

To take a phrase from a popular 12 step program which works without power drunken people, “our leaders are but trusted servants, they do not govern”. What a world that would be.
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